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Artist Statement


In my drawings I explore the depths and subtleties of human / animal relationship by creating drawings that reflect the undercurrents of archetypal emotions, ideas and internal and external struggles, and their effects on us and the animals that share our environments.

I am interested in portraying the dualities present in this experience. There are no absolutes in life. Rather, each experience / event is comprised of conflicting opposites. Each individual additionally has her/his own unique experience. Therefore, my drawings are ambiguous and not necessary resolvable, offering an opportunity for reflection and interpretation by each viewer. The pieces merely reflect a subjective understanding of the human/ animal condition, and my desires to explore that further.

I try not to force my interpretation, but rather share with the viewer what I am currently exploring. I find the animal / human figures to be best suited for this task of narration.

Donalee Peden Wesley

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